5 Best Strategies Successful Online Businesses Use to Survive the First Year

We live in a world where almost everyone has a mobile phone which they use to communicate and do online shopping. Furthermore, the boom of the internet has made it possible for anyone with an idea to start an online business. However, for business owners, surviving the first year is easier said than done. Many business owners are struggling to build profitable businesses. If you are just getting started, here are the best strategies you can follow to have a successful first year.

  • Learn key skills

    A smart business owner knows that learning is a trait that has to be continuously sharpened. During the first year, you have to be thirsty for knowledge and quickly learn skills that will make your business stand out from competitors. While daily operations can take almost all your time as the owner of a company, you must continuously learn skills that will help you manage the company with ease. Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially in areas where you have shortcomings. You can even enroll for a course or training workshop to acquire the right skills. Besides, learning does not necessarily mean going to classes physically, there is a wealth of information online. You have to find credible sources.

  • Perfect your internet marketing strategy

    While every single business is unique, all successful ones have one thing in common: a market strategy that works. Just because social media advertisements work well with your competitor does not mean the same approach will be a smart investment in your company. Sometimes it will require few trails before you can get the right one. So start with one marketing strategy and give it a few tries before abandoning it. Another best way to get a strategy that works is to study your target market and know how to reach them. Once you have that clarity, you can use a specific marketing strategy that works well.


  • Go out of your way to provide high-value services

    Whether you own a freelancing writing company where a student can get college essays or started any other online business, to be successful the first year, you must have a team dedicated to providing high-quality services. When you offer top-notch services at all times, the chances are high that you will have many return customers who will refer others to your business for helping them with “write my essay for me” requests. In the beginning stages of your business, it is easy to want to sell as many products as you can in the hopes of getting your company name out there and building your brand quickly. However, avoid this temptation and instead focus on building a happy relationship with your clients by providing high value.

  • Reinvest back into your business

    If you are one of the lucky few who have made huge profits the first year then instead of going for an expensive vacation to celebrate, reinvest the money back into your business to expand operations. Avoid investing large amounts in one thing. Instead, invest small amounts in ventures where there are high chances of getting a return. Remember, keep a record of what has worked so that you can know which reinvestment options are best for your company. How much you should use will depend on your responsibilities. The cash flow on hand that will cover expected and unexpected commitments will determine how much you can reinvest. While there is a lot to consider, keep in mind that reinvesting for your business is risky, but when you do it the smart way, the rewards can be even higher.


  • Keep re-evaluating your business strategy

    While there are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to run a company online, it is possible for a business to become an overnight success. This can work for you if you are in a lucrative niche. While it is common for companies not to get a lot of profit the first year, if in two to five years you have nothing to show for all the hard work but debts then it is probably a good time to re-evaluate your business model. Your ability to re-evaluate a strategic plan at the right time can save your business. The best time to revisit the plan is when your goals are achieved or changed, and if the target customer needs evolve.
    Starting an online business is risky, but doing something you are not passionate about will do more damage than good. As a business owner, the first few years will be frightening and challenging. However, by doing what others are unwilling to do, you will have increased the chances of your business surviving the first few years.

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