Maurice Habib was only a child when he watched his father maintain his bee colony and produce sweet, succulent honey.

Habib inherited his father’s skill and business, Habib Honey, which has been producing some of the best all-natural honey in Lebanon for over 70 years. Maurice has been in the business for 30 years and now maintains 400 hives in 11 villages across Lebanon. A pro at nectar flow and colony harvest, Maurice can tame his 40,000 worker bees as they fill the combs in the hive with raw honey.

Habib Honey provides honey retrieved by bees from the nectar of orange blossoms and wild flowers, and from the dew of oak, cedar, and eucalyptus trees. Maurice has a shop in Jdeideh, and he is a staple at Souk El Tayeb (Farmer’s Market), every Tuesday in Hamra and Saturday at Beirut Souks. His clients are loyal and appreciative of the sweet natural honey he provides.

Habib Honey is not a massive conglomerate that produces millions of jars of honey a year; it is a simple family business passed on from father to son, and maintains its natural process and humane treatment of the insects involved.

Though he’s been stung by his bees a million times (a common occurrence in his line of work), he is truly living the sweet life.

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