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The Healing Power of Colors

Fatima Al-Shirawi grew up in Dubai, then continued her studies abroad. She found returning to the UAE difficult, especially after her mother’s death. Here she shares how this struggle led her to life-changing practices and the creation of The Gracious F, a company that helps people harmonize their lives through color therapy and Feng Shui.

I started to search for balance so I could progress and rebuild what I had lost, exploring ways to balance my surroundings, trying to bring out the best in myself and help others going through the same thing.

I managed to determine the key factors that made me happy and balanced: my faith, the amazing effects of colors and their healing capacities. I also intensely studied the art of Feng Shui and its positive effects on our daily lives.

Colors impact my life in many ways, from my fashion to my personal living space. They can be used to motivate, relax, help with a creative project, and communicate. I was excited to discover that as soon as I started implementing the theories I’d learned, I could see immediate changes in my life. I finally felt happy and content with everything around me and that I’d found a great balance.

I wanted to share this knowledge and experience with people in lifestyle transitions, so I created the company The Gracious F, a name that people say illuminates the energy and style of who I am.”


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