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The Fastest Way Is Also the Greenest

Deghri Messengers is the first bike messenger service in the Arab world, offering reliable, fast delivery of urgent packages within greater Beirut–and a way to help a city with chronic traffic jams go greener.

Indeed, the fact that they deliver everything exclusively by bicycle allows them to speed past the traffic jams and busy streets and get important packages swiftly and smoothly to their destinations. Their basic delivery takes two hours from the moment they are contacted by the client.

As an added bonus, people who use Deghri for deliveries are doing their part to to reduce congestion, noise, and air pollution in Beirut. For its part, Deghri’s green mission is to reduce their carbon footprint. The project was introduced by CyclingCircle s.a.r.l., which works to promote bicycling in Beirut for both its health benefits and the potential to create a cleaner, safer urban environment.

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