“The idea came to mind after receiving compliments on the Namliyis we had restored and displayed in our houses,” explains Nazek Bizri, co-founder of Namliyi+. Indeed, after working in TV for six years, her persistent love of interior design led her to leave her career and, with former practicing lawyer Abir Bourgi, follow their passion.

Nazek says that collecting vintage Namliyis–larders or pantries initially used to store unconsumed food–from various villages in Lebanon to restore and sell was no piece of cake. The two entrepreneurs reinvented the very concept of namliyi while combining inspiration, artistry, tradition, and contemporary design. To do so, they introduced new functions for the Namliyi like stacking bath linens and towels, organizing clothing, and displaying books on them.

Aiming for a mix of styles, products, and affordable prices, they also accessorized the Namliyi with coffee tables and other pieces of furniture inspired by the forties, fifties and sixties, and from this aesthetic catalyst Namliyi+ was born. Currently operating through Facebook and Instagram, the company participates in Lebanese exhibitions and is in the process of expanding in Dubai.

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