Electronic books publisher iKitab is revolutionizing the way Arabs read everywhere with their Yaqut app. Yaqut is an app that allows smartphone users everywhere to read Arabic ebooks smoothly and comfortable on any Android phone. What sets it apart? Well, iKitab has successfully managed to develop a programming language capable of fully rendering Arabic text. This was previously not possible with other e-bookstores due to the unique nature of the Arabic language. This means users can now change font size and style (with automatic word elongation), alter background colors, mark text, add notes, bookmark pages and switch to night mode.

Yaqut also helps publisher and authors save at least 80% of book production costs and allow them to reach much wider audiences. “Through advanced technologies implemented by Yaqut, which matches international technologies in similar applications such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks, we were able to protect the intellectual property for authors and publishers as well as help in spreading and promoting their content to the largest segment of people. We’re also helping publishers secure additional streams of revenue through every ebook download and page view by advertisement,” said iKitab CEO, Bilal Al-Khatib.

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