Jordanian designer Lama Hourani officially launched her latest jewelry collection, “Resurrection” on September 13, 2014, at the Foresight Gallery in Amman. Hourani’s work is known for its uniquely artistic appeal that is steeped in the regional culture, and “Resurrection is no different. The collection brings an array of beautiful sterling silver pieces, manufacturing using semiprecious gems that are set in silver and gold, occasionally accompanied with sapphires, emeralds or rubies, and is clearly inspired by Hourani’s personal experiences.

Another collection, “Jewelry for Peace”, is being launched alongside “Resurrection”. “Jewelry for Peace” is a charitable collection dedicated to garnering proceeds to the children of Gaza, with a percentage being delivered as foreign aid for rebuilding the city and medical assistance.

“Art is perhaps one of the strongest mediums through which we are reminded of our humanity, and through which our hopes for a more peaceful world are resurrected,” Hourani said. “This is precisely why I find jewelry so inspiring; it is a form of art that is consistently pressed against one’s body and carried throughout the day. No other form of art is that intimate, and every piece serves as a constant reminder of the sheer beauty of the world around us.”

For more information: Lama Hourani official site, Foresight Gallery, @LamaHourani on Twitter

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