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Empowering Women: Free Training for Women Entrepreneurs in Jordan

A modern traditional landscape filled with unique potential and newfound ideas towards development, empowerment and entrepreneurship are the clothes that cover the descriptive umbrella that hovers over Jordan.

With incubators and successful entrepreneur-type businesses launching locally, it’s great to be in an environment that is small yet full of potential. To top it off, international movements around the world are working together towards the entrepreneurial efforts globally. With high unemployment rates in many countries, entrepreneurial initiatives and projects are a great way to help generate employment, empower youth and create new opportunities through locally found ventures to serve the country. Trestle Foundations’ goal is to “link human capital, networks and resources to build sustainable pipelines and communities of women entrepreneurs.”

With UN Millennium goals and UN based initiatives to promote gender equality and empower women, organizations like the Trestle Group Foundation have emerged with goals to help provide and feed economic opportunities and growth in emerging economies through the empowerment of women. The 20:20 Initiative was born to help empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs by 2020. It’s ambitious but it’s already on its way to becoming a reality. Women are key drivers in the economic force of the world, and based on the TGF2020 website, “in 2012, an estimated 126 million women were starting or running new businesses in 67 economies around the world.”

The Trestle Group Foundation will be holding a two-day workshop for established business professionals in Amman on October 25 – 26, which will build their entrepreneurial skills and allow them to develop strategies, practices and networks needed to overcome barriers for growth, while further developing their businesses. 

For more information: Read more about the Trestle Group on their official site, or sign up to attend the course here.

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