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Saudi Arabia’s Social Innovator Breaks Boundaries in Russia

BarakaBits was at the VI International Conference “Volunteerism, avenue for social transformation”, held yesterday in Russia, where experts in volunteerism development, representatives of NGOs, government bodies and centers for volunteerism shared their experiences.

Representing the Arab world among international experts, Mohammad Bakhrieba and his global platform Call of Culture shone a light on the importance of reaching out to other cultures to share traditions and build a culture of tolerance across countries. Known as Saudi Arabia’s Social Innovator, Bakhrieba’s project creates bonds among youth across the world using technology and mobile applications.

Standing out with inspiring speeches, omnipresent selfies, and his ability to bridge differences with humor, the Saudi social entrepreneur called on Arab youth to “think global, move around the world, learn something new, bring it back home and make a change.”

The conference, held on November 27-28 in Perm, gathered 500 volunteer advocates in an effort to foster effective cooperation and exchange experiences among different countries.

For more information: Visit the Call of Culture platform and follow Mohammad Bakhrieba on Twitter.

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