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The Skateboarding Community in Jordan

Skateboarding may be all the rage in the USA, but in the Arab world, it is almost nonexistent. That’s not saying it DOESN’T exist, however. In 2002, Jordanians established a small, but passionate, skateboarding community that continues to grow to this day. In fact, despite having no skate parks, Jordan has become a hub for skateboarders in the region, and hosts Philadelphia Skateboards: the Arab world’s first skateboarding company.

The skateboarding community in Jordan hopes to grow even more by building 7Hills, the Kingdom’s first skate park. The park will be a home for the skateboarding community where classes will be taught by local skateboarders and an equipment loaner system will provide skateboarders with safety gear to those who cannot afford it. The Greater Amman Municipality has granted 7Hills an initial 300 sqm land in downtown Amman and pledged to supply construction equipment.

The 7Hills skate park still needs help in construction, and has been raising funds for it on IndieGoGo. All donations will be handled by the German registered non-profit organization, Make Life Skate Life, and 100% of funds will be used to build the concrete skate park, which was once only the dream of a handful of skaters practicing their passion in the streets of Shmeisani.

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