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This Egyptian Startup Uses Recycling to Change the Middle East

RecycloBekia is a startup with a true goal aimed at making the Middle East greener with recycling. The startup, which is based in Egypt, is an electronic waste recycling company that doesn’t just serve Egypt, but the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

RecycloBekia works on a simple idea: it partners with companies to take its e-waste and recycles it at a factory in an eco-friendly manner to be reused. The startup hopes to partner with enough businesses to create a “recycling army” that saves the Earth from pollution and conserves its natural resources.

The startup’s success is truly quite remarkable. RecycloBekia was built by a team of 20 university students with help from the Injaz Egypt program, which helps student entrepreneurs across the country. RecycloBekia went on to partner with big name companies such as Mobinil, Spear Ink, InfoFort and Oracle, and was even featured in Forbes magazine.

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