#BarakabilityBusinessOpportunities Survey Shows An Interesting Thing About Employee Morale, the leading job site in the Middle East, recently conducted a “holidays in the MENA region” poll which revealed something surprising about workplace morale around the season: Employees are actually more productive than the rest of the year during this period. The survey reported that productivity is 27.7% higher compared to the rest of the year, and employee overall morale is 38.7% higher.

 58.2% of survey takers stated that their workplaces or companies organize an end-of-year celebration that honors the years’ workplace triumphs, with only 18.5% stating that company’s cannot do this due to financial reasons. Not surprisingly, half of the respondents stated that a bonus at the end of the year would be the best perk; 18.9% stated they would like a cash bonus, with 17% hoping for paid time-off and 11.3% just wanting an office party (hope it’s a really good one!). The remaining 3.7% of survey takers thought a gift card would be a good end of year gift. Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, said: “The fact that employee morale is highest at the end of the year is a boon for workplaces – and clearly higher morale has an impact on employee productivity. It also seems that employees would be most appreciative of thanks in the form of monetary remuneration at the end of the year. Employers who want to build loyalty and trust among their employees should tap into this type of appreciation.”

All in all, it goes to show that you get more with honey than vinegar. Productivity and positivity breed more of the same, and vice versa. So as cheesy as it may sound, boosting general office morale may mean an improved workplace environment and a higher quality, more efficient style of work. And that’s something we can get on board with.

Data from this survey was collected throughout November and December, with 2,773 respondents from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, UAE and Syria.

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