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First Ever Made in Morocco Website Supports Local Artisans and Craftmakers

A site that shares some of the local talents of Moroccan artisans and craftmakers, Made in Morocco is the first of its kind in the country. Working as an electronic trading platform, Made in Morocco houses virtually more than 400,000 products, ranging from food items made and produced in the country, like saffron, Argan oil and olive oil, to home items and clothing.

Not only is the site unique to Morocco, it’s the first of its kind in Africa and it features the work of 217 different manufacturers. The website’s director El Amine Serhani Al Idrissi told Maghrebia News: “We took into account diversity in the Made in Morocco site, meaning ‘Made in Morocco’ is for products that are purely Moroccan local products from all regions including some traditional handicrafts associated with the north and Fez. The site includes products from the Sahara and others from the east.”

“It also includes other products associated with traditional Moroccan industries such as the Moroccan jilbab for men and women, kaftans, jabador, and selham – all fashions that characterize Morocco,” the website director told Maghrebia News. It also hopes to kickstart a revival of cultural appreciation and awareness of local arts and culture, featuring art pieces, films, books and music created by Moroccans.

For more information: Visit the official Made in Morocco website, and peruse their extensive listing of authentic Moroccan items.

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