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Jusoor Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Leaves Lebanon with a Story of Success and Hope

Jusoor, the non-political and non-governmental organization that was founded in 2011 with the mission of uniting the international Syrian community, has just completed a bootcamp for entrepreneurs in Lebanon. With over 70,000 people in their network spread across 50 different countries, Jusoor is committed to connecting Syrians all with the collective effort of building a better life and offering a platform for growth and empowerment. From programs that focus on building scholarship programs for young Syrian students to career mentorship programs that work to find jobs for displaced Syrians, Jusoor is committed to being the go-between that aids Syrians in the current circumstances.

Jusoor’s recent entrepreneurship bootcamp took place in Beirut, and began the second week of May immediately after the Jusoor entrepreneurship competition. Board member and Entrepreneurship program director Dania Ismail shared that, “We’re very happy to see the massive improvements in the teams presentations and pitches, the Jusoor Bootcamp truly helped these startups learn and gain exposure. Ultimately, the Entrepreneurship Program was able to recharge Syrian youth with hope and open new prospects to them.” The bootcamp, which was sponsored by the Asfari Foundation, compromised of a 3 week program hosted by Oasis500 trainers, discussing topics ranging from financial studies, how to build a business model, business evaluations, the art of pitching, and how to start your own business.

On the last day of the bootcamp, several successful Syrian entrepreneurs shared their advice with the young teams. Majid Lababidi, co-founder and managing director at Fi Technologies, spoke about cultivating resilience in the face of obstacles and Votek Arabic Speech recognition engine founder Lojain Jibawi shared his experience taking a tech startup from Syria to the Gulf and growing on an international level.

For more information: Visit Jusoor’s official website and learn more about the wide range of programs and initiatives they run, and learn more about business incubators Oasis500, based in Jordan.

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