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Extensions of Critical Thinking: Benefits of Palestinian Student Scholarships

The Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation recently made it possible for 7 promising young Palestinian students to study at the American Community School in Beirut. The American Community School, which highlights the importance of creative and critical thinking, aims to get students to not only learn material but to be able to approach it with a different mindset. Urging students to become more independent, ACS is one of the few schools of its kind in the region. The students, who were selected specifically by HQSF for this scholarship, are excelling. With a collective grade point average higher than the average GPA in the sixth grade class, the students are clearly shining in their new learning environment.

One particular student, Salam Ghazzawi, is enjoying her experience so much she chose to write a letter expressing her gratitude to the foundation for the scholarship that she feels has changed her academic career, goals for the future and even the way she approaches education. Salam writes, “the teachers assist us to be more successful and to improve ourselves.”

In addition to shaping the critical young minds of these students, the program has been able to give each student a personal computer and internet access at home, something not many of them had before the scholarship. They were also able to get passports in order to travel with their class to a Space Camp program in Turkey for the Week Without Walls program. These experiences are invaluable to such young students, shaping the way they see the world and their ability to access endless information and knowledge. The ACS feels these students are a great addition to the community, and hope that more scholarships in the future will allow for more young minds to join the school.

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