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Saiid Moghrabi’s Sweets

Nadia Al Moughrabi is a 25-year-old Palestinian lady who earned her BS in BioChemistry from the Beirut Arab University. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any job that would suit her; at that moment she decided to develop her skills at baking into a lifetime successful job.

“My father is an engineer but also loved to bake and design cakes in his free time. I grew up watching him do that and started to self-learn how to bake and so. Later on, I started watching Youtube tutorials and kicked off on my own so that my dear father would rest after all the magnificent job and effort he has done”, says Nadia. “As you can see in the photographs, it has been something that runs in the family for a while ago”, she adds.

With a suggestion from her older brother and a little amount of money provided by her father, Nadia started this little pastry project at home. She explained that she has noticed how life expenses are increasing day by day, and that she knows very well how hard it is to endure that. So as a result, she bakes extremely delicious cakes and sweets for any occasion varying from a birthday to a wedding, at a very convenient price, which is way less than that at the pastry markets nowadays.

Nadia is looking forward to opening a pastry shop in the future right when she has enough profits to do so.



For more information, check Saiid Moghrabi’s Sweets page on Facebook.


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