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The 1st Solar-Power Generated Abaya in the World

Will we soon no longer use these words ” Oh no, my phone just died”?

It’s happened to the most of us: you’re out enjoying your time when your phone runs out of power. You’re probably thinking  it’s no big deal, I’ll just use the phone’s charger. Well what if you had left it at home? With the worlds of fashion and technology merging, you no longer need to worry about carrying extra devices like chargers.  You can now literally wear your charger fashionably.

The Abaya (a loosely-fitted, full-coverage garment worn by Muslims) has joined the solar-powered fashion realm thanks to Manaal Al- Hammadi, a Dubai-based contemporary abaya fashion designer, who has her own line of abayas—Manaal Al Hammadi. Al- Hammadi has created the first solar-power generated abaya ever that can charge your phone anywhere at anytime. Having brilliantly fused nanotechnology in her unique abaya designs, Al- Hammadi has recently showcased her solar-powered abaya prototype at the Solar Expo during the World Energy Summit at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) that wrapped up on January 21st. Embellished with beautifully designed solar panels, this Abaya is capable of receiving utmost exposure from the sun. The charging ports are undetectably hidden in the front pocket  of the Abaya, making it easy to charge your phone on the go.   

With solar-powered fashionable clothing, such as Manaal Al-Hammadi’s Solar-Powered Abaya, constant connectedness through our clothes is enabled.  We can now reassuredly leave our chargers at home.

Manaal Al Hammadi’s Abaya Designs can be found at The Fashion Vault in Sunset Mall, Dubai. You can follow her on her instagram page @manaalalhammadi.

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