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Levant-Themed Fun Day- Supporting Women Business Owners

Fond of street food of the Levant Region? How about shopping and Arab folklore? Well, on February 19th, you and your family can enjoy your Friday exploring an exciting blend of fun-filled cultural activities, street food and shopping during the Levant-Themed Family Fun Day 2016- In Support of Women Business Owners in the UAE. Within the theme of the Levant region (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria), the event will include kids’ play areas, dabkeh , and lots of mouth-watering Middle Eastern food including Shawarma, Falafel, Knafeh and much more. 

In the profoundly changing region of the Middle East, the community of entrepreneurs and start-up owners is growing, calling for larger support and guidance. In response to this growing need, Trending5000, an online marketing platform that connects and supports startups and small businesses in the Middle East, is organizing this year’s event. With this fun day, Trending5000 is supporting women business owners in the UAE and introducing them to the larger public, enabling families to explore service providers, homegrown products and local talents in a cultural atmosphere. 

Women business owners will greatly benefit, as the event will be highly publicized through both TV and print media, with regional brands, such as Sayidaty Magazine and Executive Woman, pledging support and covering the event. This offers women business owners an unmissable opportunity to get their businesses the exposure they deserve.

This year’s Levant-Themed Family Fun Day focuses on women business owners, but surely targets every other enthusiast in the business world. Join the lively cultural day and meet a new favorite talent, a potential collaborator, or your next ­Shawarma preference!

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To learn information about the event, check out  Trending5000‘s Facebook page.



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