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Give as You Shop Through MENA’s

Does the idea of using online shopping to spread a bit of joy sound too good to be true? Via the MENA-based, this is now made possible.

While a few of us enjoy safe and luxurious daily lives, most of the world struggles to feed, educate and medicate itself. According the World Humanitarian Summit’s report in December 2015, “never before has generosity been so insufficient”, addressing the humanitarian financing gap. Being one of the few fortunate ones, isn’t something to feel guilty about. In addition to donations and humanitarian work, you can now give back to society by making the support of good causes a part of your daily activities.

Although similar to international players such as and, Joodly is a first mover in the MENA region. To make use of the portal, log in to your free account on and let the website direct you to your favorite online store. As you make purchases online, half of Joodly’s referral commissions will be given to charity. The value of your purchase that goes as a commission differs depending on the partner store. Some stores provide a fixed value (e.g. $3) regardless of the transaction’s amount, while other partner stores provide a percentage of the transaction amount as commission. In both cases, the process happens with no additional cost to you.

According to Ahmad Abdelraziq, one of the co-founders of, the founding team envisions Joodly as a “goodness radiator” that utilizes current and future growth of e-commerce in the MENA region to promote a philanthropic concept. The website will focus on UAE upon launch but will also expand to other MENA countries, including KSA, Egypt and Qatar.

Support good causes by visiting today. Have a very generous shopping experience!

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