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Be 100 Ragel II: Alaa Wardi Sings for Women Empowerment

The Arab world has seen a rise in the demand for women’s rights. A new engaging and innovative animated cartoon series “Be 100 Ragl II” has been launched by the Womanity Foundation and artist Alaa Wardi has grown to become the voice for women empowerment. In fact, he’s the singer of the theme song for this new show that is inspired by the radio series called Be 100 Ragl (Has the capability of a Hundred Men).

Saba Mubarak and Womanity collaborated with Alaa Wardi to develop a theme song and music video as a regional anthem for women’s empowerment. He sings to all women of the world, letting them know that they can do just as much as 100 men put together. The song is directed to those women who are depicted in the plot of the ten short episodes.

From the Facebook page of the radio series, the plot was put together to offer new perspectives on a wide range of social issues, including women’s social, educational and economic empowerment, domestic violence and sexual harassment, early marriage, and political participation.

“Our ambition is to open up a space for debate on some of the problems faced by women, and at the same time, to focus on their abilities to find solutions and make valuable contributions to their communities,” Antonella Notari Vischer, Executive Director of the Womanity Foundation declared. “Fiction is an engaging, non-confrontational way to set the scene for constructive conversations, even on the most serious issues. We hope that ‘Be 100 Ragl II’ can help enlighten men and women on how to build a more just and equal society together.”

Once again Alaa Wardi fascinates the Arab world with his amazing talent for music and art. Bringing social issues into the mix with his voice was the perfect way to get the message of women empowerment across to the Arab World.

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