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5 Inspirational MENA Social Media Influencers Pt. 1

Social Media Influencers

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat. MENA youths use these social media platforms as a way to express themselves, to break the borders and to break stereotypes! If anyone asked you about someone who’s social media famous, I’m positive that you could name at least 3 Arab social media influencers!

Haifa Bsseiso

344,060 Subscribers and 18,829,890 Views on YouTube.

Haifa is a Palestinian living in the UAE. She started her YouTube channel when she quit her job to follow her dream. Since she was a child, Haifa used to make speeches in front of the whole school and was a talkative young girl. This created her special personality which allows her to – literally- speak to everyone and anyone. Hiafa’s main message as a Muslim Middle Eastern, is to spread love and peace (Salam).

Haifa’s Youtube channel



If you wish to lose weight ( Law Nifsak Tekhes)

1,379,475 likes and 1,383,595 followers on the main page on Facebook.

The founder of this page is the Egyptian Eng. Ali Mustafa. Along with the main Facebook page, there are many other sub-groups, each for a different country in MENA. It was founded in March 2014, and now millions of people follow the diet on this page and achieve their dreams in losing their excess weight and getting to their dream body image. This page is a non-profit and its founders main goal is to benefit people into gaining back their health.

Facebook page

Mutasem Illawi

24,650 Likes on Facebook

He is a Palestinian traveler from Nablus, he studied engineering but was never a fan of it. Mutasem despises routine, he hates consistency and behind-the-desk jobs. Straying away from these ideas, Mutasem decided that camping/traveling/ and hitch-hiking is the lifestyle he wants to go for. His main goal is to visit places that are not popular. As a support for the Palestinian cause, and as a resistance for illegal Israeli settlements, he went to many Palestinian villages and camped there for days and weeks. Currently, Mutasem is planning to climb Mountain Everest. For him, it is a dream that is coming true, and we shall always support him.

Mutasem’s Facebook page

Amr Maskoun

1,350,848 Likes on Facebook, 705,667 Subscribers on Youtube

Amr is a hilarious young Syrian man, who left Syria with his family almost 6 years ago. He creates comic sketches and mimics celebrities and TV characters, especially Dunia Asaad Said and Torfa (Tonfa). His sketches focus mainly on the Arab family-hood, and each of its member’s role in it. Amr encourages self respect, happiness, hope and love.

Check his videos, and follow him on Snapchat (amr_maskoun2)

Facebook page

Youtube Channel

Qasem Al-Hatto (Ibn Hattotah)

32,684 Likes on Facebook

Qasem is a Jordanian traveler who studied Computer Science at the German Jordanian University. He started traveling after he finished high school, with a very low budget! From that point on, Qasem realized that traveling can be a cheap and regular thing to do.Through social media – Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and his blog – he shares his exotic experiences in traveling. He also shares his tips on low-budget traveling, which is his main focus.


Facebook page

Youtube channel

These are only a few of the great MENA people on social media. Stay tuned for more parts of this post because these social media influencers wholly deserve it!

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