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Capturing Computer Screens With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

In modern business the use of video is becoming more prevalent as time passes. We are looking at countless webinars and online videos that are very useful in various situations. Marketers use webinars to promote deals while businessmen often record interviews for increased personal brand recognition.

Because of the prevalence of online video, the need to record screen on Windows 10 is something you want to know more about. You can use this to record business meetings handled through computers or even webinars. A great way to do this is through Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The software allows you to do everything that you need in a small time and at a fraction of the costs of what the competition requires.

Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Most businessmen do not know that much about the technical side of video recording and editing. This is where software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio steps in to give a huge helping hand. All the steps needed to record a webinar or basically any part of your Windows 10 computer screen are straightforward:

  • Open the software
  • Select the part of the computer screen you want to record
  • Choose recording parameters
  • Click the record button – stop when it is done
  • Export the file

This is how simple the task at hand is. However, the great part of using Movavi Screen Capture Studio is that there is so much more you can do. The reason why this is considered to be a studio suite is that it gives you the possibility to quickly edit all the files you record.

Exporting The Perfect Video

Before the video you record is saved you can edit out the parts that you do not like. Cut and crop every single part of the video and add really cool transitions and effects if you see fit. You will definitely want to add some text too. After you make all the changes you want and you end up with a result that you appreciate, you can move towards exporting. Even here the software shines, with hundreds of quality presets that you can choose from.

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