3 best Study Abroad Programs in the Middle East

The Middle East region should be a top priority for every student planning to study abroad. The region has incredible architectural designs, and has also achieved great feats in science, engineering, and other academic areas. The Middle East economy is also one of the best in the world. Plus they have a rich history, cultural heritage, and languages that every international student would love to learn, not forgetting the food and music. And like finding dissertation assistance, regional students in the Middle East institutions are always willing to help international students to settle down. In this post, we will discuss 3 of the best programs in the Middle East for international students.

  1. Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies – American University in Dubai
    The Middle East is a complex region, and there is so much for regional and international students to learn about the place. So everyone looking to work or study here needs to develop an in-depth understanding of the place to be able to cope with the uniqueness and challenges that may arrive as time progresses.
    The Certificate program in the American University in Dubai is a program set aside to educate foreign and regional students on the historical, cultural, political and social environment of the Middle East.
    Regardless of your profession, you will find this program useful. If you have a strong and genuine interest in the Middle Eastern region, you will undoubtedly need such education to flourish. The Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies will also complement your degree program. It is primarily to broaden your cultural knowledge of the place and give you the awareness to thrive in such a new and unique environment.
    Established in 1995, AUD (American University in Dubai) enjoys both the United States and United Arab Emirates’ accreditation for all of its programs. This private institution is also open to regional and international students, and as the name implies, it offers the American-style of education.
  2. CIEE Business, Engineering, Arts and Science – American University of Sharjah
    The American University Sharjah is ranked as one of the best in the Middle East, where over 84 percent of the students in the institution are international students. With unmatched hospitality and academic programs, AUS (America University Sharjah), is undoubted, one of the best institutions to consider when seeking opportunities to study abroad in the Middle East.

AUS’s system of education is similar to that of the American system, especially for higher institutions. Plus you will also get the chance to develop your skills and understanding of Arabic language.
Studying abroad in the UAE also gives you the opportunity to participate in innovative activities and excursions where you can interact with the locals and have a deeper understanding of their local culture and uniqueness. And while developing your knowledge of Arabic language, this program allows you to explore UAE’s role as a global hub for cultural exchange, trade, and business in the Middle East.

The American University of Sharjah offers diverse programs for regional and international students. You can also take innovative courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and Middle East studies. Also, all their programs are tailored to equip students with the knowledge they need to flourish where ever they end up in the Middle East region.

Forget about the do your math phrase, the Middle East is a region every student should aspire to visit in their lifetime. They have world-class institutions and facilities that can make learning more accessible and more enjoyable. Areas like UAE, for instance, have also made significant improvements regarding basic infrastructures and other amenities that make life enjoyable.

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