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Calling All Talents: Your Audience is Just One Click Away

For the many young Egyptian musicians and artists who lack the capital to produce sound recordings on their own or commercial outlets for their work, an online artistic platform now offers a way to connect with wider audiences. Open to all types of talent from around the Arab world, Dandin is widely considered to be on its way to becoming the new Arabic Soundcloud.

The Hussein brothers; Abdel Rahman, Tariq and Karim, founded Dandin because they lived the same frustrating experience in their twenties, when they could find no way to show off their talents–especially Abdel Rahman, who is a talented guitarist.The young musician says that Dandin represents a standalone made “by people for people,” so everyone can upload whatever he wants without guidelines.

Now, thanks to Dandin, young people across Egypt and beyond are helping themselves to their own destinies by making their voices heard. The Arabic-language sound-hosting website lets people upload any recordings that they like, including music, comedy, podcasts and poetry, letting Aya Metwalli, Zeina Coutry, Menna Tayel, Mohamed Mohsen and many other talented young artists draw legions of young fans.

Whatever your talent is, just record, upload, create a playlist, and invite your friends to listen.

For more info – Dandin on Facebook and Twitter @Dandin_me

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