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Watch This: From A Genius Grandchild To Her Grandmother

Green means all clear. Red is a warning: stop and check. But these colors are not flashing from a stoplight: they’re much more intimate signals from a new kind of watch that measures not only seconds and minutes but its wearers’ vital signs as well.

The device is a godsend for elderly people who suffer from high blood pressure but can’t be bothered to use complicated contraptions to monitor it. I can still recall my father, an endocrinologist, measuring my grandparents’ blood pressure every time we visited them—because although they owned a blood pressure monitor, they never used it themselves, as they found it too much of a hassle!

Finally, a similar impasse seems to have inspired a young Saudi woman. While taking care of her diabetic grandmother, who also complains of high blood pressure and heart disease, Ghada Al-Qahtani, a first-year student at King Khalid University in ABHA, Saudi Arabia, came up with the idea for the medical watch, which tracks heart rate, body temperature, sugar rate, and blood pressure.

The young inventor told the Saudi Gazette that her device will both perform these measurements and alert patients to any abnormalities. And to make it easy, the watch emits certain sounds and changes color depending on these results. 18-year-old Ghada is now working on getting her invention patented.

For more info – The Saudi Gazette

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