Jordan, Syria
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National Geographic Photo Camp Mentors Syrian Refugees in Jerash to Voice their Stories

A group of Syrian refugee teenagers will have the chance to tell their stories through photography during the National Geographic Photo Campto take place from March 30 to April 3 at the Jerash refugee camp, in Jordan.

The five-day Photo Camp will give participants aged between 13 and 16 mentorship by National Geographic photographers, explorers and editors. The workshop will train the students to document the reality of their lives as refugees from the conflict in Syria, in partnership with Aziz Abu Sarah, co-founder of Project Amal ou Salam, which has been supporting education programs in Jerash.

The Syrian conflict, which this month enters its fifth year, has forced nearly 4 million people to flee the country to neighboring nations, 60,000 of which live today in Jerash, Jordan. “National Geographic believes in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to change the world. We’ve found that Photo Camp inspires a new generation of storytellers as well as the members of the community who view their work,” said Terry Garcia, National Geographic’s chief science and exploration officer.

For more information: Visit the National Geographic website.

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