Coach and Consult for a Cause, or better known as C3, is a social enterprise that encourages and nurtures social entrepreneurs to build viable business ventures. One such example would be Ali Adbel Hafiz founder of “iSolarWorkx”. Ali Abdel-Hafiz is one social entrepreneur that is not only inspired by science, but inspired by the notion of making science more accessible to everyone in a creative and innovative way. His social enterprise works to create DIY solar kits that are modeled as cars, making learning about science concepts like Newton’s first law and the relationship between distance, time, velocity and speed more fun for pupils. Added to that they get a chance to understand and use practical applications related to renewable energy using the curriculum they provide both in English and Arabic. Ali Adbel-Hafiz sat down with Baraka bits to share his C3 experience.

How did you get to know about C3?

I got to know about C3 through In5. I am a member of In5, an innovation hub, and C3 were hosting events and workshops over there. I came across Medea Nocentini (Co-founder and CEO) and the rest is history.

How did you benefit from the C3 experience?

They were very supportive. They have a number of very successful and accomplished businessmen who are happy to give back. And that is very helpful. I have used two of their consultants and my experience has just been fantastic.

Why are such platforms for growth important to boost business and start-up innovations in the region?

With these platforms, people like me will be reassured that they are not alone in this. That there is someone they can depend on. Someone they can rely on or take advice from. If that is not there, then there are two paths one can proceed on. One, spend a lot of money on acquiring the guidance and support needed to go to the next step in establishing the social venture. Second, is to do it independently. And that may be half-baked, but it would be how much they know. Or alternatively a third thing can happen. That is to give-up. without the adequate knowledge or know-how, some people might deem it impossible to go through to the next step. So this is why I think is necessary for entrepreneurs, especially social entrepreneurs who want to make a social impact. Because they do not depend fully on money make money. And because platforms like these make sure to measure the social impact and see that these impacts change the lives of people for the better.

What has been the best part of the C3 experience?

Friendly. Open. Helpful. But most importantly actually is that they are very prompt. IF you need them today then they will come today. You need them tomorrow morning and they will deliver. This person actually that I was in touch with was on vacations with her kids. And she was talking to me while being on the road.

For more information: Visit C3’s official website and to get in touch with iSolarWorkx, connect with them on Twitter.

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