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From Palestine to the World, this Team Wants to Facilitate Vaccination Through an App

Universal Baby Vaccination (UBV) is a non-profit organization aiming to maximize the number of vaccinated children all over the World through an innovative app: they came up with a standalone full vaccination solution easily integrated with the Ministries of Health or International NGOs’ systems, which is now running for the semi-finals at the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition.

Founded by Hafeth Zughayer, Falastin Jaulani and Ashwaq Ghazzawy in Palestine, the core team has 15 years of experience as business Development professionals.  “The project aims to be a universal initiative to solve all vaccination procedures and simplify the process. Our main achievement is to connect the main stakeholders of the vaccination process, the ministry of health, vaccination centers and parents,” Zughayer tells BarakaBits.

According to Zughayer, 20% of infants worldwide are not vaccinated. In order to tackle the problem, the app integrates features like reminding parents of vaccines due date by SMS and email, simplifying vaccination appointments in medical centers, keeping digital records of vaccination available anytime, and facilitating the management of vaccination campaigns, such as polio. Competing in the social entrepreneurship track, the startup will participate in the MIT competition kicking off in Kuwait City next April 16.

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