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عزوتي: A Solidarity Restaurant

Mahmoud Nabulsi, a Palestinian living in Jordan, launched a very unique initiative where he opened a solidarity restaurant called “عزوتي”.

The very good thing about Mahmoud’s restaurant in Amman, is that there’s a condition for buying a meal; a meal for you and the second is for the poor or someone in need, for free.

“I was inspired to launch such a restaurant when I saw a caffe in Italy that specifies a wall and always puts coffee for whomever in need that passes by. The next day, I saw an old man who was very tired, homeless, and hungry; only then was I determined to start such a project”, says Mahmoud.

Nabulsi is looking forward to seeing a copy of his restaurant in Palestine as he believes it is very possible as there are many financially stable people who can launch the initiative, make it successful, help those in need, and strengthen the social relationships among people.

To read the full article in Arabic, click here.

Is there such a unique restaurant that promotes good deeds in your country? Let us know in the comments below!

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