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3 Ways Design is Solving Problems in the Middle East

Design is a lot more than aesthetics. When used in multidisciplinary environments, it can be a great way to not only solve problems, but also find them. Here are three ways design is helping the Middle East solve some of its problems:


This fashion brand doesn’t only offer beautifully embroidered calligraphic handbags and accessories, but also supports Palestinian refugees in Jordan. The products are carefully made by Palestinian women, offering them jobs, and sharing their heritage with the world.




IKEA, the Swedish retailer, worked with the UNHCR to design flatpack shelters that are easy to assemble on site. These shalters would provide a temporary solution to the accommodation and space crisis Syrian refugees are facing in Lebanon.



This crowd-powered phone application is a market research solution for businesses. All you have to do, as a consumer, is to download the app on your phone, accept a mission that usually includes shopping or dining out, and get paid!
For brands, this is a great way to find problems in their businesses and get immediate feedback from the market.
TaskSpotting operates from Dubai and is available for iOS and Android. You can follow their Facebook page for more!

Do you know about other interestingly designed products and services in the Middle East? 

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