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6 Funny Store Names in the UAE

The UAE is full of business establishments that may have had branding managers with a great sense of humor. Here are a few I found!

1) Al Shabaab and Al Kabaab restaurant and grills, Sharjah – Because youth love kababs! Also it needed to rhyme.

Al Shabaab wal Kabaab

2) Al Boom Gas company, Dubai – Oops! The irony.
3) Al Nasr Cinema Restaurant – Please make up your mind.

Al Nasr Cinema Rest.

4) Eat Well restaurant, Ajman – We definitely will!

Eat Well Restaurent - Ajman
5) Barbie Ladies Saloon, Sharjah – Women better get a Ken after coming here..
6) Sky Land Phone, Ajman – In the sky? Or on land?

If you know of other fun business names, let us know in the comments below!

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