UAE Teams Up with NASA to Explore Mars

We are all fascinated with the wonders of space and the possibility of life on other planets. Major space explorations are usually carried out by solely by large space agencies like NASA. However for this new exploration, a new space agency from the Middle East, UAE Space Agency, is now collaborating with NASA to develop the capabilities needed to send humans to Mars by the 2030s.

On June 12th, UAE Space Agency signed an agreement with NASA to establish a long-term collaboration of explorations of outer space for peaceful purposes. The two parties agreed to currently direct their efforts towards exploring Mars.

For the UAE Space Agency, not only does this mean participating in one of the most important space explorations, but it also means benefiting from the knowledge, the technology and the experience of the largest space agency in the world!  

The UAE Space Agency was established in 2014. Since then, and within a very short time,  not only has it partnered up with USA’s NASA but also with China, Russia and the UK. With UAE’s eye set on exploring space, its agency is on the right path to achieving international recognition and making its own mark in the space sector.

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