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Startup Scene ME, a Platform Dedicated to Uncovering the Middle East’s Entrepreneurs

Stories of the Middle East’s fiercest entrepreneurs are growing into a massive forest with Start Scene ME. It’s a  platform dedicated to uncovering and supporting the Middle East’s nascent entrepreneurial scene.

A spin-off from the explosively popular CairoScene, Startup Scene ME builds up on the success of the original platform in tracking and boosting startups, innovators and business opportunities across the Arab region. It is a
virtual space where entrepreneurs, investors, tech geeks, and innovators can connect, stay informed and spark conversations.

“This is not just about business. We’re telling the other story of the Middle East; the story of young, valiant, relentless entrepreneurs taking it upon themselves to drive innovation and socio-economic change. This is the most exciting moment to showcase the entrepreneurial passion thriving in the MENA region,” says Valentina Primo, Editor-in- Chief of Startup Scene ME.

Startup Scene ME is giving the chance to many ambitious and inspiring entrepreneurs to share their stories and projects. It supports, covers and discovers MENA’s budding entrepreneurs. 

With the media power of MO4Network and the experiences of sister sites CairoScene and CairoZoom, Startup Scene ME enters the digital media space with the know-how and experience to engage an ever-growing audience. Having already reached millions through articles and video features on CairoScene, as well as Startup Scene ME’s own social media accounts, the new site offers a more a focused look at the booming, regional start-up sector.

MO4 Network is a leading creative and media agency, setting the standard for digital content creation in the Middle East since 2012. Having grown from a team of four siblings fighting over who gets the nicest chair to over 120 never say die individuals across offices in Cairo and Dubai, today they fuel two of the region’s biggest content platforms – and – and handle over 140 clients including some of the world’s most powerful brands.

Startup Scene ME


“With an in-house production studio and legion of creative content creators, Startup Scene ME produces high-quality media across several platforms underpinned by MO4Network’s five years of digital production experience,” says” Amy Mowafi, Co-Founder of MO4Network.

As well as informing and educating entrepreneurs and small business owners, Startup Scene ME sets off to be a one-stop hub where investors can discover and connect with the Middle East’s nascent, most innovative entrepreneurs just as they launch their businesses. Rather than echoing stories circling across high-level meetings, the platform will scour the MENA region for the most promising, inspiring, and unique entrepreneurs.

To know more about this exciting new project, check Startup Scene ME, their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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