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Documentary about Syrian refugees

Four student filmmakers from around the world are setting out to make a documentary about Syrian refugees living in Zaatari Refugee Camp located in Jordan.

The aim of the documentary is to highlight the thriving force of the struggling Syrian people, and it focuses on the barbers in the camp and their day-to-day lives.  The barbers will materialize into individuals who have been forced to flee their country due to tumultuous times.  These individuals have honed their crafts and used their skills to provide services to their fellow refugees in the camp.

The filmmakers seek to raise funds through Indiegogo to support their endeavor, and they hope to provide the  refugee barbers with new equipment and raise enough money to provide free barbering services for the refugees in the camp for the upcoming Eid holiday.

The team hopes to create more jobs for the refugees in the camp and to show people that the refugees are going on in life despite the hardships they have faced in the past year.  They hope to raise $12,000 and remain determined to get the film made in order to give the refugees a voice.

Only a handful of days are left for fundraising on Indiegogo, so please contribute to this project in time for the Eid holiday.

For more info – Refugee Barbers

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