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Poets of the Middle East Share their Talents

The Poeticians is a group of artists sharing their talents in writing, and gathering to read and listen to each others’ works. They come together to share their thoughts, goals, works, and concerns with a small group of individuals in Lebanon, Jordan, and the UAE. Poets from all over the world read their work in Arabic, French, Italian, and English.

Created by Hind Shoufani, a Palestinian writer and filmmaker in 2007, the Poeticians’ first reading took place in Hind’s living room in Beirut. She continues to read and perform with the Poeticians in Beirut, Amman, and Dubai. The Poeticians are a group that have no rules, no boundaries, no censorship, and anyone can join and read their work. The events take place monthly in various pubs, festivals, and cultural hubs.

Hind decided to create the Poeticians due to the lack of open mic nights in the Middle East. Hind has also had two poetry books published in 2012, and she has been performing poetry and spoken word for the past five years in various countries.

The Poeticians has been fortunate to receive writers from all nationalities who have shared reflections and personal experiences with their peers. The group is very intimate and boasts a positive mood where the writer is not judged in any way and is free to be who he or she is.

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