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Provoking Giving through Awareness Campaigns

Awareness is the key to prevention, a concept not lost on Aisha Saeed Harib, an Emirati national and inspiration behind Social Bandage. This “social-good initiative” was created in loving memory of her mother, to educate the Emirati society about medical issues facing the younger generation.

In addition, through partnerships with local and global organizations, Social Bandage launched several campaigns each with a specific goal. Meeting their objectives, the give a wheelchair campaign “distributed 300 wheelchairs” to impoverished people with physically disabilities people in various countries, from UAE to Kenya campaign “renovated 3 schools” and “built a maternity hospital” improving “800 lives”, and the middle of Sha’aban campaign provided “1500 gifts” to children in UAE hospitals.

Despite her successes, Harib feels her work is far from done, rather it’s just beginning.

For more info – Social Bandage

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