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Free from pesticides and steroids, organic products are in demand. For the first time ever, Lebanon has an organic online market, which allows people to purchase their organic fresh and processed goods online and have it delivered straight to their home for free!

Bio Box is an organic marketplace online that offers a variety of choices for the consumer that wants to make a positive change in his or her diet. Bio Box is supported by a Lebanese NGO called Arceniel, which works towards sustainable development in Lebanon. Bio Box supports organic farmers and producers throughout Lebanon.

The products offered are 100% organic, and include:

-cereals, beans, and seeds

-beauty products

-bread and baked goods

-fresh fruits and vegetables


-chocolate and sweets

-dairy, eggs, and tofu

-honey, jams, jellies, and compotes

-oils, olive oil, and olive products

-drinks, wine, and vinegar


-pasta and flour

-dried fruits and nuts

-processed tomatoes


-tea, coffee, and tisane.

For more – http://bioboxlb.com

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