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Pop-Up Game Festival Teaches How To Face Any Challenge

It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you come from, but how you play.” That’s the founding principle of w00t Pop-Up Palestine, say its press managers Sofie Ramussen and Katrine Winther. “The best way to create an open mind toward each other is to play; games are for everyone.”

To spread that spirit of shared human fun, on April 17 and 18, Pop-Up Palestine transformed the open space of Sareyyet, Ramallah into a field of games. The festival saw Palestinians and Danes enjoying tiny games in every free space: social games, board games and a creative workshop, all aimed at fostering cultural exchange among adults and kids alike.

Organized by Vallekilde Højskole with help from the Copenhagen Play Festival and the Danish House in Palestine, the event helped teach participants how to overcome any and all struggles and challenges, including blindness, dizziness and time limits. Live Acting Role Play” also inspired new socio-critical urban games using issues from daily life, such the lack of freedom of movement.

By making these local partnerships, Ramussen declares, “we feel we have engaged in something more than just playing games–we have put socio-critical subjects on the agenda in a way that generates debate and reflection.” And through these games based on people’s everyday life, “we understand a corner of everyday Palestinian life better.

For more info – Pop-Up Palestine on Facebook

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