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Instagramming Iran: Khashayar Sharifae Gives a Glimpse into Daily Life

Social media can be used for many purposes; whether it’s staying in touch with friends or family, finding out what’s happening in your city, country or region, or just finding inspiration, it’s a powerful platform that, for many, has become a way of life. This week, we are inspired by Iranian photographer Khashayar Sharifae, who shares photos of daily life in Iran through Instagram.

Khashayar, who lives and studies industrial design in Tabriz, a city located in the Northwest part of Iran in the valley of the Quru River, says his goal is to “give the outer world a glimpse of life in Iran”, while sharing some of the diverse cultural beauty the country has to offer. Whether it’s young people gathered in a coffeehouse in Tabriz, or devoted Muslims observing prayer, Khashayar’s stunning images showcase a side of Iran that international media often fails to capture. The glasses of tea and backgammon shared by old friends, the children playing football near a mosque, and emotive documentary-style portraits of Iranian people tell vivid stories and impart a great deal about their lives. Khashayar also seeks to highlight some of the social issues and poor living conditions of many Iranian people, adding: “people see issues daily that they pass by without so much as a second glance, and some don’t even see it at all. Some aren’t even in this city/country. All these people can gain awareness of these social issues by connecting with my view through Instagram.”

Check out Khashayar’s Instagram at @KhashayarSharifae, or connect with him via Twitter. 

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