Iraq Builders: Seeking to Improve Lives through Communal Support

Founded by a diverse group of doctors, pharmacists, engineers, businessmen and various other civilians, Iraq Builders is a non-profit organization designed to help build things useful to the less fortunate. Standing together to serve the often forgotten and neglected parts of Iraqi society, this network of people builds a strong connection upon that need to serve their community. Brought to life through social media platforms, which worked to recruit volunteers and raise donations for various initiatives that could effect real change within Iraqi communities, the Iraq Builder’s Project hopes to assist marginalized groups within society, including people with special needs, widows and divorced women.

  One of the groups many missions’ focuses on helping orphans obtain a sense of communal environment removed from the often-underprivileged background they may have come from. Iraq Builders hope to challenge the misconception of these children as indigent or pitiable. Through social activities, like lunches organized by group members and shared with the children at the Association’s headquarters, the volunteers all foster a sense of family, unity and community.
And they also build. More than 44 battered homes for underprivileged families were installed with roofs by the volunteers throughout the country, including 36 in war-torn Baghdad. Iraq Builders network instills a sense of social duty, cooperation and focuses on the power of patriotrism and volunteerism. Together, they can make a lot of difference.

And that’s #peoplehelpingpeople. 

For more information: Iraq Builders, Iraq Builders on Facebook 



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