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From Morocco to UK, the Rubble Bucket Challenge Goes Viral

Strange thing, empathy is. What is more challenging: to shiver under a stream of ice-cold water, or to experience what it feels like to be suddenly covered with rubble and dust?

Countless people worldwide are dumping sand and rocks over their heads to take part in the #RubbleBucketChallenge and sympathize with the citizens of Gaza, who don’t have water or electricity to make ice, but are blitzed by a thick gust of dust in their daily plight.

Started on August 22 by Palestinian student Maysam Yusef, the Facebook Page Rubber Bucket Challenge garnered over 3,500 followers in less than a week, and went viral after Jordanian comedian Mohammed Darwaza and Palestinian journalist Ayman Aloul shared their own versions on Youtube.

“Although we cannot bring the families buried under the rubble of their homes back to life, we still can stop it from continuing to happen,” says Yusef on the campaign’s page.

With countless videos from Pakistan and Malaysia to Canada and the UK, including Arab Idol’s 2013 winner Mohamed Assaf, the campaign does not insist on nominating others for the challenge, but rather to show solidarity with Gaza by sharing the videos. For a sneak peak of inspiration, check out the videos: 


Palestinian winner of Arab Idol 2013, Mohammed Assaf

For more information: Watch the other videos following the hashtag #RubbleBucketChallenge on Facebook and Twitter, or join the campaign through the Rubble Bucket Challenge Facebook page.

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