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A Tour of Palestine’s City of Flowers, in 3 Minutes

Known as the city of flowers, the village of Abud in Palestine’s West Bank is a calm haven filled with archaeological gems. Palestinian student Ramez Salem, a fond resident of the village and a peace advocate, roams around its streets making videos to spread his culture.

Located 30 km north of Jerusalem, Abud has a population of nearly 2.500 people, “half of them Christians and Muslims, and the other half live in love and peace together,” Salem says.

Dating back to the year 2,000, the village boasts the remnants of Roman tombs and ancient relics such as the church of the Virgin, presumably built by Saint Helena and Constantine the Emperor, says Salem. The church of Saint Barbara, another of its treasures, is considered by Palestinians as the most sacred church, which was bombed during the Israeli occupation in 2002 and rebuilt by ex President Yasser Arafat.

“Everyone should visit Palestine to see how beautiful the place is, and how Palestinian people are peacefully fighting for their freedom,” the videographer says.

For more information: Watch Ramez Salem’s interviews with villagers through his Youtube channel.

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Valentina Primo

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