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This is Lebanon’s First Animated Web Series

For those of you who crave a dose of Lebanese humor, Beirut + TV’s animated web series are the answer for you! Being touted as Lebanon’s first animated webseries, Beirut + TV produces hilarious YouTube satirizing Lebanese news channels. The channel comes from husband-and- wife duo Toni Yammine and Maya Zankoul, who are also responsible for the video production company Wezank.

Beirut + TV produces different “TV Shows” each with a running time of about three minutes or less every Wednesdays. The animated web series discusses all things current in Lebanon’s pop culture, imitating mostly morning and evening talk shows.

You can check out one of their funny videos here, with the channel’s “certified fortune-teller” Mikhayel Kousa:

What do you think of Beirut + TV’s web series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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