3 Websites That Will Help You Learn Farsi

Are you trying to learn Farsi? A beautiful, poetic language that is spoken by approximately 110 million speakers worldwide in mostly Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Farsi has some commonalities with neighboring languages like Armenian, Turkish, Arabic and even Russian. Known for its’ deeply romantic qualities, Farsi is a wonderfully complex, interesting language to learn, with sounds that may be challenging to grasp at first. In addition to listening to Persian music and watching Persian films, these 3 sites will help develop your language skills, whether you’re a beginner or nearly fluent.

1) Farhansara — Although it looks like a handmade site, Farhansara will help spell out some of the basics in learning how to read and write Farsi. Ideal for romantics who eventually want to crack ancient Persian poetry!

2) Chai and Conversation — Chock full of amusing articles like 11 Persian sayings that make no sense in English and 12 Things to Call your Persian Lover, Chai and Conversation is a great way to learn Persian colloquialisms that you may not find in a regular Farsi text or guidebook.

3) Quizlet — A handy website that offers up a slew of vocabulary flashcards, Quizlet is a good way to add to your word list. Though it won’t likely help you figuring out grammar or verb tenses, it’s a good way to really hammer those vocabulary words into your dictionary, and you can define and set exactly what words you want to know.

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