Humans Of Syria Shows the Humanity that Prevails Beyond War

Inspired by world-famous Humans of New York and Middle Eastern versions such as Humans of Amman and Humans of Palestine, Humans of Syria rescues the stories of everyday Syrians from oblivion, crystallizing the dose of brightness and resilience they add to their daily life. Founded on March 14, the page highlights the unimaginable shapes their struggles take, often crafting bittersweet melodies of survival, hardship and hope.

“On our TV screens, politicians and talking heads continue to reduce Syrians to statistics and security threats. But behind the numbers are ordinary human beings of flesh and blood—brave individuals who continue to struggle for life,” states the page’s founder.  


“I am the princess of my town.” Douma, 12 yeas old, who has been living under siege for the past two years.

Humans Of Syria's Photos Show What Lies Beyond War

“It’s important for a person to do sports. This keeps me healthy, and lights up my house at night.” Abu Salah, 35 years old.

Humans Of Syria's Photos Show What Lies Beyond War

“Fawaz is six years old. He walked four kilometers (two and a half miles) to bring back food for his family, the day’s meal”.

Humans Of Syria's Photos Show What Lies Beyond War

Why did you come here so early this morning? “I am trying to enjoy my time before the military aircraft comes.” Sawsan, 9 years old, who has been living under siege for two years.

Humans Of Syria's Photos Show What Lies Beyond War

“I went back to the stable to fix up the wagon, and now I use it to get around. And I taught my grandson how to use it”. Abu Yassine, 55 years old.

For more information: Visit Humans of Syria‘s Facebook page.

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