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THAT Moroccan Girl: an Interview With the Country’s Youngest Youtuber

She calls herself “That Moroccan Girl”: followed by over 1,700 fans on Twitter and viewed by hundreds of young Moroccans, Majda inspires fellow young women sharing tips and thoughts through her YouTube channel. In an interview with BarakaBits, the young blogger uncovers the drive behind her blog.

Why did you start doing videos and what would you like to achieve with them?

I’ve wanted to make YouTube videos for so many years, but I held myself back because I was incredibly shy. Last year, I discovered a hijabi community that started to grow up on YouTube, and that helped me realize that as a Muslim girl I can make my voice heard, share my thoughts and change people’s views across the world about who we are as people, as Muslim girls. I want to prove we can be funny, inspiring, intellectual, and do what we are passionate about even if some people still can’t accept it and understand that it is not something negative.

My main objective is inspire and motivate people around the world, make them feel good about themselves, especially girls; it might sound cheesy, but I know how hard doubting yourself and not feeling good enough can be.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is THAT Moroccan girl?

I’m a 19 year-old girl, born and based in Morocco. People see me as a serene and the studious girl, but I don’t consider myself that way: I think I just have a good strategy in searching for quality instead of quantity. I’m currently in my second year in the national architecture school in Morocco.

Since a very young age, drawing and writing were things I enjoyed incredibly, and that helped me basically to do so many things I love. I love to hang out with friends, read fantasy novels, or fictions about apocalyptic societies, working on my YouTube videos, and I do sometimes play tennis, which is a sport I had been playing since I was 6 years old, except that with my full-time school schedule I don’t get to play it that much. I’m quite ambitious and a big dreamer, but that’s a way to motivate and keep myself on track to work hard. I can’t imagine myself without an aim and an objective; it’s basically what keeps me going, no matter how crazy it is.

What is your message to people watching you in other countries? 

Despite I might emphasize the fact that I’m Moroccan, Arab, or Muslim, the fact is that I’m just a human being just like you, with beliefs, hopes, dreams, aims, searching for happiness, peace, and love. It does not matter how far we are from each other, it’s how we perceive the other that makes the difference and can make us closer.

Stop worrying about ridiculous thing such as trends, “what should I follow, why I don’t look that way, I wish I had that or that”, and start appreciating what you have and love what surround you, don’t try to be anyone else, just be the best version of yourself. Do what you love and don’t over think it, just go for it, it’s always worth it, by failure and disappointment, just remember there is always a good ending, so never stop until it gets better!

For more information: Follow That Moroccan girl on Twitter and her Youtube channel.

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