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A Place for Friendship and Community Officially Opens Its Doors

A few months ago, we wrote about the Jasmine House in Amman, a place that would become a community spot for art, photography and friendship. The story starts with a passionate, vivacious group of Italians who would rent apartments or houses and turn them into a sanctuary of artistry and design, leaving them then to anyone who might reside there afterwards. The apartments or living spaces and those who resided in them came to know that the spaces lent for great encounters, places of creativity, and spaces where dreams might come true. The name, originally inspired by the perfume that was made from the essence of the Jasmine flower in the Mediterranean, represents a sense of empathy capable of dismantling weapons and corruption.

Now the group have made a new Jasmine House right in the heart of Amman that is officially opening its doors to the public: A place where people can go to enjoy art, to meet others, to network and connect, and just to relax. The gang of Italians and Jordanian BarakaBits photographer Sami Haven want to invite everyone to come to the Jasmine House’s opening on May 23. If you cannot attend the opening, the doors at the Jasmine House are always open and welcoming.

For more information: Visit the Jasmine House’s official Facebook page, and view the map and visit if you’re in Amman!

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