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In Yemen, There is a Light that Never Goes Out

Yemen has seen brighter days. In its current state, the media focuses on the raging politics of war and turmoil. But a photographer named Thana Faroq wants the world to remember all the beauty found between the lines. So she began a photo project along the vein of Everyday Middle East and Everyday Egypt , called Everyday Yemen, that depicts the simple beauties found in Yemen’s streets on a daily basis, despite what’s going on on the macro level.

In wandering the streets taking photos, she stumbled upon a couple young boys. She asked them if they feel scared when they hear the explosions: “And with shy smiles they answered: Not really, we just hide under the blanket.” It is just that strength of character and resilience that makes the Yemeni people so unique. This photo project is just one of many in the Middle East that goes to show that the human spirit is much stronger than one might expect, and there always lies a hope and a light that never goes out.

Have you been to Yemen? We would love to make a slideshow of photos taken in Yemen from various readers, so email them to us at and we will feature them!

For more information: Check out the Everyday Yemen photo project on Facebook.

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