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Eid Sweet Eid

Deeds, a Lebanese event and project based community mobilizer for doing good, has taken doing good deeds into a next level. Founded on September 5 2014, which is also the International Day of Charity, their greatest aim is creating events that bring the distant and different parts of the Lebanese community together for a common goal, a good cause and an endless quest to bring change. Their latest event was a very successful lantern festival that took place on Ramlat El Bayda’ beach where their goal was to remember the dear ones and lighten up Beirut’s night sky with the attendees’ wishes. Actually that was not just it, the funds raised from the event were donated to three local causes, Skoun (Lebanese Addictions Center), Sawa Ahla Group (Youth development group) Game (Urban street culture organization). Adding to that, the event shed great importance on the venue as an endangered public space in collaboration with Nahnoo.

Guess what’s next?!

During Ramadan, Deeds have been planning for a very sweet event to be done in Eid Al Fitr entitled as ‘Eid Sweet Eid’. This delightful event revolves around distributing desserts to refugee camps and Lebanese unprivileged areas. “We’ve noticed many amazing NGOs working hard during this holy month to provide food packages to many underprivileged families that deserve a better life. We are just gonna put the cherry on the top!” explain the organizers. “On Saturday the 18th of July and the following Eid days, Deeds and NGOs such as Lebanese Food Bank and many others involved will bring together your donations contributions and head to as many refugee camps and Lebanese underprivileged areas as we can cover to share the blessings that we can afford with others in the most sugary form possible!”

How can you help?

You can help by donating money which will be only used to buy desserts, provide the project with desserts such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cake, and Maamoul a day earlier so they’ll be able to distribute them, and by sharing this article thus the event with your friends and loved ones so that they’d donate too and contribute to draw a smile on someone’s face.

So come on ladies and gentlemen, brighten up the world with your good deeds!

For more information: Check out their page on Facebook to donate or email them at deedslebanon@gmail.com.


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