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Are you taking advantage of #hashtags to explore the Middle East?

Social media presents a whole new way to travel and explore the world. And a particularly useful but underrated way of exploring is the hashtag. There have been cool hashtag initiatives in almost all Middle Eastern countries, and we especially like the ones that aim to show off the positive sides of the countries!

Try searching for one of these hashtags on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and see what gems you find!


This hashtag will show you anything that its users appreciates about Iran, be it food, nature, sites, or people.

Tip: for more beautiful pictures, also check out #RealIran!


From cute cafes and restaurants to the beautiful buildings and turquoise sea, this hashtag will let you explore all the beauty and deliciousness that Doha has to offer!

Tip: discover new places to visit and trending designers through this hashtag and #SeeMyDoha2015!



What do people love most about Jordan? Maybe it’s as simple as a cold lemon juice! Find out when you explore this hashtag.

Tip: if you are looking for some travel inspiration, also check out #ShareYourJordan.


This is a hugely popular tourism campaign, active in all social media channels. Check it out for all things awesome about Beirut and Lebanon!

Tip: also check out the big brother of this campaign: #LiveLoveLebanon.


A great hashtag to follow for anyone who wants to explore an intimate and engaging side of Egypt. Started by Egyptian photographer Taimour Othman, and now popularly adopted by amateur photographers across Egypt.

Tip: for more cool photos by amateur photographers in Egypt, also check out #vscoEgypt.


Note: many of these are also social media accounts! Follow them to see all the cool sides of the countries that they represent.

What is your favorite hashtag? Let us know!


This piece was originally published on A Teaspoon of (لیمون) Zest.

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